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November, 2010
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Landscapes for Life

National News

Would you like to have your garden be more in tune with nature? Are you interested in designing a landscape that not only looks good, but can be maintained with sustainable practices? If so, you...

Homegrown Harvest

If you're looking for a food gardening book full of not only helpful information but plentiful- and gorgeous- instructional photos as well, look no further than this new offering from the American...

Take Two Cockroaches and Call Me in the Morning

Most gardeners know that, when it comes to the insect world, we have friends as well as enemies. While some insects cause problems for us in our gardens and homes, many more are beneficials,...

Nutrition News

Need more reasons to grow- and eat- lots of fruits and vegetables? How about keeping your bones strong? In an article in the November 2010 issue of Nutrition Action Health Letter , published by...

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In the Garden


An Old-Fashioned Way to Eat "Green"

At a dinner party the other night, the menu was pretty amazing, including blue crabs, alligator and wild turkey, but a highlight of the evening was fried green tomatoes. A discussion ensued as to the "proper" way to fix them, including egg versus no...
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Cooking Winter Vegetables Even if you didn't get a fall vegetable garden planted this year, farmer's markets and grocery...

Favorite or New Plant

Common Witchhazel Sure, the spring-blooming witchhazels are more flamboyant, but the common witchhazel (Hamamelis...
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Regional Reminders

  • Plant Garlic
  • Clean and Fill Bird Feeders
  • Clean and Care For Garden Tools and Equipment
  • Water Trees and Shrubs
  • Don't Panic About Evergreens Dropping Needles

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