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October, 2010
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Recipes for Healthy Kids

National News

Did you come up with some delicious new ways to use the produce from your garden this year? Did you hit on ways to serve garden-fresh veggies that your kids gobbled down? Are you interested in...

A Kaleidoscope of Color

Flowers add to the beauty of the garden, but for season-long excitement, nothing beats plants with colorful foliage. And few are as colorful for as long as the new 'Kaleidescope' abelia from Plant...

Sweet Bittersweet

With its abundant berries in autumnal shades, bittersweet vine has long been a favorite for fall decorating. Unfortunately the popular Oriental bittersweet ( Celastrus orbiculatus ) is a rampantly...

Managing Soil Pathogens with Mustard

No, we're not talking about raiding the condiments cupboard for some Grey Poupon! But research done at Cornell University has demonstrated that mustard plants, as well as other related brassicas...

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In the Garden


Autumn Leaves, Garden Gold

The allure of alchemy, of transforming base metals into gold, has intrigued human beings since ancient Egypt. Although the theory of alchemy may be dismissed by modern science today, it seems to be a natural human inclination to look for ways to turn...
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Canning Although it may seem that the time to think about canning and preserving is over for this year,...

Favorite or New Plant

Asters Chrysanthemums may be the flowers that most people connect with autumn, but asters certainly give...
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Regional Reminders

  • Protect Young Trees
  • Provide Houseplant Rx
  • Prepare Soil for Spring
  • Plant Garlic
  • Make a Pie

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