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September, 2010
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Keeping Cut Flowers Fresh

National News

One of the joys of having a flower garden outdoors is being able to bring some of that beauty indoors. Whether you have a cutting garden from which you can harvest armloads of fresh flowers or...

Frogs and Fungicides

As scientists note a worldwide decline in amphibians, they have come to consider that these animals are perhaps our environment's "canary in the coal mine," giving us early warning of...

Golden "Fire"

Zinnias have long been garden favorites for their bright blossoms and easy culture. But many have one big drawback- susceptibility to fungal diseases. Now gardeners who want a dose of hot color...

All the Dirt on Tomatoes

Tomato season is coming to a close for gardeners in many parts of the country. But until frost hits, it's time to harvest and enjoy fresh tomatoes, and perhaps preserve some of the bounty for...

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In the Garden


Peppers Aplenty

Hot peppers are forgiving to busy gardeners. Forget to fertilize, they grow anyway. Forgo water and they wilt at midday, yet the flavor improves. Then comes the question of what to do with all that bounty. Harvest for more First of all, keep...
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Shows & Events

Biloxi Farmers Market Fall Festival Join me on Thursday, Sept 30, 9am- 1pm, for a special day at the great Farmers Market in Biloxi,...

Web Finds

Still Tasty As its name implies, Still Tasty tells you how to store foods and how long they will remain...
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Regional Reminders

  • Amaryllis redux
  • Hummingbird kindness
  • Green pea timing
  • Pleasant work
  • Scorched shrubs

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