November, 2010
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Landscapes for Life

National News

Would you like to have your garden be more in tune with nature? Are you interested in designing a landscape that not only looks good, but can be maintained with sustainable practices? If so, you...

Homegrown Harvest

If you're looking for a food gardening book full of not only helpful information but plentiful- and gorgeous- instructional photos as well, look no further than this new offering from the American...

Take Two Cockroaches and Call Me in the Morning

Most gardeners know that, when it comes to the insect world, we have friends as well as enemies. While some insects cause problems for us in our gardens and homes, many more are beneficials,...

Nutrition News

Need more reasons to grow- and eat- lots of fruits and vegetables? How about keeping your bones strong? In an article in the November 2010 issue of Nutrition Action Health Letter , published by...

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In the Garden


Captivating Hellebores

To continue the gardener's query theme from my last report, the second most frequently asked question is "What can I plant that deer won't eat?" One evergreen perennial always pops to mind, the large-leafed hellebore (Helleborus) , a shade-lover with...
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Shows & Events

Green Goods Auction This Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture Online Auction runs through Nov. 14....

Web Finds

The World's First Organic Dairy Rap Video Cows. Tractors. Milk. More Cows. British accent. Guys. A strutting gal. More Cows. Together they...
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Regional Reminders

  • Apply Animal Manure to Vegetable Garden
  • Seed In Green Manure
  • Cut Back Asters, Lobelias, Peonies
  • Look Twice at Dead Stems and Leaves
  • Get Ready for First Frost

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