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September, 2010
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Keeping Cut Flowers Fresh

National News

One of the joys of having a flower garden outdoors is being able to bring some of that beauty indoors. Whether you have a cutting garden from which you can harvest armloads of fresh flowers or...

Frogs and Fungicides

As scientists note a worldwide decline in amphibians, they have come to consider that these animals are perhaps our environment's "canary in the coal mine," giving us early warning of...

Golden "Fire"

Zinnias have long been garden favorites for their bright blossoms and easy culture. But many have one big drawback- susceptibility to fungal diseases. Now gardeners who want a dose of hot color...

All the Dirt on Tomatoes

Tomato season is coming to a close for gardeners in many parts of the country. But until frost hits, it's time to harvest and enjoy fresh tomatoes, and perhaps preserve some of the bounty for...

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In the Garden


Out With the Old!

It's no secret that I am not a big fan of turf grass in the landscape. I feel that lawns are a waste of water, time and perfectly good planting areas that could be better used for something else - something with color or something that you can eat. I...
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Home Landscaping Home Landscaping, California Region by Roger Holms and Lance Walheim (Creative Homeowner...

Favorite or New Plant

Gaura I first came across gaura in Sebastopol where it was planted as a border along an apple orchard....
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Regional Reminders

  • Fertilize Rhododendrons
  • Rejuvenate Summer Annuals
  • Pull Spent Vegetables and Annuals
  • Thin Camellia Buds
  • Cut Back Water

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