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August, 2010
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Putting Bees Out to Pasture

National News

We've all heard of putting the cows out to pasture, but how about bees? In an effort to encourage populations of native bees that can take on pollinating duties as the number of honeybees decline,...

Gardening for Monarch Butterflies

Soon millions of monarch butterflies will begin their annual journey, flying thousands of miles from eastern North America to overwintering sites high in the mountains of central Mexico. (Monarchs...

Save Energy with Solar Lights

One way to help save energy is to use solar fixtures for outdoor lighting. But in the past, many solar fixtures gave off such dim light that they were not very effective in the landscape. Now from...

Improve Your Gardening with a Coach

While reading about gardening is a great way to increase your knowledge, there is nothing like having an experienced gardener actually out in the garden with you, giving advice first-hand. Some...

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In the Garden


Water Efficient Lawns

I haven't had to water my lawn as much this year thanks to a cooler, rainier spring and early summer. However, now that the heat has arrived and rain is a distant memory, I'm extra conscious of the cost when I turn on a sprinkler. Our city, like many...
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Favorite or New Plant

Confederate Rose (Hibiscus mutabilis) This southern heirloom is a perennial shrub in the lower south, reaching 6 to 8 feet tall but...

Tool or Gardening Product

Garden Faucet Timer Have you ever turned on a lawn sprinkler in the evening and woke up the next morning to find the...
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Regional Reminders

  • Rejuvenate Buddleias
  • Plant Fall Potatoes
  • Plant Fall Flowers
  • Have Soil Analyzed
  • Hold Off On Fertilizing Turf

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