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August, 2010
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A Cold Shower for Hot Tomatoes

National News

We all know that tomato plants growing in the garden are heat-lovers. So it may come as a surprise to find that, for young plants, using cold irrigation water results in the sturdiest plants....

ADHD and Pesticide Exposure- A Possible Link

If you need a reason to consider "going organic" in the garden and at the supermarket, consider the findings of a study published recently in Pediatrics®, the official journal of the American...

Wave Good-bye to Wasps

Nothing can spoil a late summer picnic or barbecue faster than having to fend off hordes of wasps and yellowjackets. But hold that spray- wasps are also beneficial garden predators that feed on...

The Year of the Heirloom Apple

As apple harvest season approaches, take a moment to consider that 'Delicious' apples account for 41% of the apple crop in the U.S., and only 11 varieties comprise 90% of the apples sold in chain...

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In the Garden


Inviting Butterflies To Your Garden

I know summer has arrived when I can stand quietly in the garden and watch butterflies flitting over the flowers searching for nectar. With careful planning and plant selection, it's possible for you to capture some of that quiet beauty in your own...
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Shows & Events

Northwest Horticultural Society Fall Plant Sale On Friday, September 17, 2010, from noon-6:00 p.m. and on Saturday, September 18, from 2010, 9:00...

Favorite or New Plant

Versatile New Guinea Impatiens What makes these impatiens different is that they actually tolerate sun, although 6 hours a day...
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Regional Reminders

  • Water Containers Regularly
  • Prune Back Flowers
  • Prevent Spider Mite Invasions
  • Give a Final Feeding to Perennials
  • Prevent Cucumber Bitterness

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