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July, 2010
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Nutrient Value of Organic Eggplant

National News

Many proponents of organic gardening have long maintained that not only are organic methods better for the soil, the environment and the safety of gardeners, but they produce nutritionally...

Fresh Plants for Southern Gardeners

Gardeners in northern parts of the country may be harvesting tomatoes and peppers, but if they are thinking about planting, they are considering quick growing, cool season crops like spinach,...

Pest Resistance in Elms

Just about everyone is familiar with the devastating effect Dutch elm disease (DED) has had on populations of American elm. Much research has gone into developing trees resistant to this disease....

Ask the Expert at the USDA

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has launched a new, on-line, on-demand knowledge database, called 'Ask the Expert'. This new service connects with existing UDSA knowledge systems, so...

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In the Garden


Common Tomato Questions

Tomatoes are by far America's most popular vegetable for the home garden. So, for all those gardeners out there eagerly awaiting those luscious, ripe fruits, here are answers to some common tomato growing questions. Do I need to prune my tomato...
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Starter Vegetable Gardens Recently one of my sisters, who in the past has never had any interest in food gardening, decided...

Shows & Events

Mass Hort Garden Photography Workshop Learn the basics or hone your skills in garden photography at a workshop on Tuesday, July 27 from...
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Regional Reminders

  • Unearth Some Early Potatoes
  • Watch for Hornworms on Tomatoes
  • Rejunvenate Container Plantings
  • Sow Seeds for Fall Crops
  • Increase Oriental Poppies

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