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July, 2010
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A Pinch of Salt for Tasty Tomatoes?

National News

A tomato ripe from the garden needs little more than a sprinkling of salt to make it a mouthwatering treat. But could a pinch of salt while it's still in the ground make it even tastier?...

Getting the Lead Out

As interest in eating locally grown and organic foods increases, so does the number of urban food gardens. Whether in backyards or community garden plots, more and more urban residents are trying...

Ideal Inkberries

More and more gardeners are turning to native plants for their landscapes. One such choice is the adaptable inkberry ( Ilex glabra ), a broad-leafed holly with glossy, deep green leaves and white...

Finding Farmers Markets

We can all benefit from the taste and nutrition of garden-fresh fruits and vegetables. But if you can't grow your own, or you don't have the space to grow all you need, a farmers market brimming...

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In the Garden


Soil Chemistry 101

Part of the grand diversity of our regions is the vast difference in soils. From gumbo clay soil in Louisiana to silky sand in Florida, there is a wide range of types and textures of soil. Soil chemistry The ability of a plant's roots to absorb...
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Do It Yourself Joys Mark Frauenfelder is co-founder of bOING bOING magazine and Editor-in-Chief of Make , a...

Tool or Gardening Product

Natural fertilizer The old southern fertilizer company, Fertilome, has had a line of products called Natural Guard...
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Regional Reminders

  • Okra
  • Shade for summer planting
  • Hatching soon
  • Mowing mantra
  • Summer pruning dos and don'ts

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