Southwestern Deserts

May, 2010
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Maui Sunshine

National News

Coneflowers ( Echinacea ) have always been beautiful, easy-care additions to the perennial garden. But in the last few years breeders have given us all sorts of new choices in flower color, form...

Putting the Squeeze on Carbon Emissions

Over a year ago, PepsiCo partnered with the environmental auditing firm Carbon Trust to determine the carbon footprint of its Tropicana Pure Premium® orange juice. Much to their surprise, the...

Fighting Hunger with Corn Research

Corn is a diet staple in many parts of the developing world, including sub-Saharan Africa. But unfortunately most varieties of this vital grain are low in carotenoids, which our bodies convert to...

Pocket Gardening

Is it time to repaint, but you're having a hard time picking out a color? How about green- plants that is? Woolly Pocket Wally planters are flexible, breathable, modular gardening containers that...

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In the Garden


Why Tree Topping Doesn't Work

Tree topping- indiscriminately cutting back a tree's crown, leaving behind ugly stubs- has been discredited by researchers and arborists for years. Unfortunately, some trees still suffer from this misguided practice because owners or landscapers think...
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Shows & Events

Earth Friendly Backyard Lecture Author and Master Gardener Jo Miller will share how to position specific plants to reduce your...

Clever Gardening Technique

Know How to Hire a Tree Care Expert Don't let just anyone loose on your valuable trees. Make sure they have the proper training....
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Regional Reminders

  • Attract Hummingbirds with Spider Webs
  • Change Automatic Timers
  • Cover Fruit Trees
  • Start Sweet Potato Slips
  • Transplant Cactus

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