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May, 2010
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Primal Scream

National News

Daylilies are popular plants because they are easy to grow and come in an incredible array of colors, sizes and bloom times. One way to help make a selection from among the many offerings at...

Award Winning Roses

It's never too soon to start planning ahead in the garden. Eager rose lovers will be happy to learn that All-America Rose Selections has already released the names of its two 2011 award winners!...

Landscape to Save Energy

As the cost of energy increases, we are all looking for ways to save. Energy-Wise Landscape Design: A New Approach for your Home and Garden by landscape architect Sue Reed (New Society...

Nurturing Community Gardens

For the many people who want to garden, but don't have a place of their own on which to plant, community gardens are a great solution. If you're interested in starting a community garden in your...

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In the Garden


Irises for Every Garden

When I was very young, irises were my favorite flower. In fact, one of my first garden memories is at 4 or 5 years of age, being fascinated with a tall bearded iris named 'Wabash'. This was also about the same time that I became aware of Iris cristata...
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Web Finds

Bad Bugs Slideshow: Identifying Bugs and Their Bites Spring is filled with beauty, but being out in the garden also means that we're in close contact...


Bulbs Hopefully, you've been enjoying all the spring-flowering bulbs, from the earliest snowdrops...
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Regional Reminders

  • Choose Your Planting Weather Wisely
  • Add Compost Under Mulch
  • Trim Spring-Blooming Shrubs
  • Be Patient with Bulb Foliage
  • Fertilize Roses

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