Western Mountains and High Plains

April, 2010
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Gardening For the Cure

National News

Smooth leaf hydrangeas ( Hydrangea arborescens ) are adaptable native shrubs that flourish in many parts of the country. And breeders have given us a host of beautiful cultivars to choose from....

A Dangerous Book

Be forewarned. The minute you open The Gardener's Color Palette , you can kiss your savings account goodbye. Because once you get a look at the stunning photographs of flowers by Clive Nichols...

Karmic Justice?

Anyone who gardens in the eastern U.S. is familiar with the Japanese beetle, that voracious consumer of just about anything green in the garden. It is one of the most destructive pests east of the...

A Helenium of a Different Color

Helenium, also known as sneezeweed, has long been a favorite for adding color to the late season garden. The daisy-like flowers with raised centers bloom in autumnal shades of orange, red, russet...

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In the Garden


Understanding Roto-Tillers. Which one is best for you?

"When you plant your garden, it's best to plant in a well-tilled, enriched soil." You will read and hear this recommendation in my garden articles, radio show, television segments and checklists every month. But just what does that mean? You recall...
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Rocky Mountain Region Gardener's Guide If you want one book that covers all the important information and answers to your garden...

Favorite or New Plant

Creeping junipers Creeping junipers ( Juniperus species and hybrids) may not be the most glamorous landscape...
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Regional Reminders

  • Check for lawn pests
  • Plant gladiolus
  • Watch for shade tree borers
  • Check new spruce growth
  • Transplant houseplants

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