Northern California Coastal & Inland Valleys

April, 2010
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Hosta of the Year

National News

Hostas are the backbone of the shade garden. Easy to grow and generally trouble-free, they are available in a myriad of sizes and leaf shapes, colors and variegation patterns. In fact, the biggest...

Old Time Tomatoes

Gardeners grow heirloom tomatoes for a variety of reasons- for their delicious flavor, unique appearance, to maintain strains of genetic diversity. But even if these other reasons didn’t apply,...

Welcome to Munchkin Land

Oak-leaf hydrangeas ( Hydrangea quercifolia ) are wonderful landscape plants. Their large, lobed leaves add textural interest to the garden in summer and change to gorgeous shades of burgundy and...

Lawn Care Made Easier

If you’ve ever struggled to move downspout extensions and splash blocks before you mow- and then had put them back once you were done- you’ll probably appreciate a new product from Landscape...

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In the Garden


Something Silly

I love container gardening and actually have fabulous success with a variety of plants because I can control the environment, more so than with plants grown directly in the ground. No slugs or earwigs can sneak up on container grown plants, at least not...
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Shows & Events

The Green Ball The Green Ball benefiting Friends of the Earth Friday, May 21st Meet celebrity guests and...


Vegetable Gardening Grow Your Own Vegetables by Carol Klein (ISBN 978-1-84533-551-9) Mitchell Beazley Press, 2010...
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Regional Reminders

  • Increase Humidity for Container Plants
  • Keep Bird Baths Clean and Full
  • Dead Head Spring Blooming Bulbs
  • Pinch Fuchsias
  • Awaken Indoor Plants

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