Southern California Coastal & Inland Valleys

March, 2010
Regional Report

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Non-Invasive Spirea

National News

Japanese spirea ( Spiraea japonica ) is an attractive and widely used landscape shrub. But like some other garden staples such as barberry, burning bush and Norway maple, it can be invasive in...

Color in the Vegetable Garden

Planting flowers in among your vegetables certainly adds color to the food garden, but it’s not the only way to liven things up. Why not try planting some colorful vegetables to delight the eye as...

Trouble-free Zinnias

Most gardeners love zinnias, with their bright blossoms in all the colors of the rainbow, save blue. There are tall- and short-growing varieties, ones with single or double blossoms- some are even...

‘Prairie Dream’ Paper Birch

With its white, peeling bark and graceful form, the paper birch is one of the most striking additions to the garden. Unfortunately, in landscape settings it is often short-lived and prone to...

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In the Garden


Time for Tree Planting

Where would we be without trees? Each day, the average person uses 35 pounds of oxygen--all of it coming from plants. Trees and other plants are especially important as nature's filtering system. They literally clean the air by collecting air-borne...
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Shows & Events

Green Scene Plant and Garden Show Saturday and Sunday, April 17-18, 10am-4pm. This year Fullerton Arboretum's annual bonanza will...

Clever Gardening Technique

Transplanting Forks and Spoons An old fork or spoon will separate and lift seedlings gently from flats, and the handle (or...
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Regional Reminders

  • Remove Strawberry Blossoms
  • Start Sweet Potatoes
  • Finger-Flick Pruning of Roses
  • Landscaping With Drought- and Neglect-Lovers
  • Weeding The Small Ones

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