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March, 2010
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Non-Invasive Spirea

National News

Japanese spirea ( Spiraea japonica ) is an attractive and widely used landscape shrub. But like some other garden staples such as barberry, burning bush and Norway maple, it can be invasive in...

Color in the Vegetable Garden

Planting flowers in among your vegetables certainly adds color to the food garden, but it’s not the only way to liven things up. Why not try planting some colorful vegetables to delight the eye as...

Trouble-free Zinnias

Most gardeners love zinnias, with their bright blossoms in all the colors of the rainbow, save blue. There are tall- and short-growing varieties, ones with single or double blossoms- some are even...

‘Prairie Dream’ Paper Birch

With its white, peeling bark and graceful form, the paper birch is one of the most striking additions to the garden. Unfortunately, in landscape settings it is often short-lived and prone to...

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In the Garden


Will Late Blight Be A Problem Again?

Last summer gardeners all over New England were devastated to find their once healthy tomato plants dying within a matter of days. What started as a few water-soaked spots on the leaves and stems spread rapidly until the entire plant collapsed in a...
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Favorite or New Plant

Vernal Witch Hazel Nothing carries the promise of spring like seeing the delicate yellow blossoms of vernal witch...

Web Finds

National Climatic Data Center US Climate Normals We gardeners are always being advised to start seeds so many weeks before the last frost date in...
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Regional Reminders

  • Repot Your Houseplants
  • Start Annual Flowers From Seed
  • Pre-germinate Your Peas
  • Clean Up Your Water Garden
  • Spring Perennial Garden Care

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