Southern California Coastal & Inland Valleys

February, 2010
Regional Report

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Spooky New Peppers

National News

Halloween can come early to your garden this year. The Agricultural Research Service of the USDA has developed two new hot pepper cultivars that will add an eerie note to your vegetable or...

More Garden Darkness

Black leaves aren’t the only means of bringing a dusky note into your garden. Some plants have flowers of such a deep color as to appear almost black. One such beauty is the Black Lenten Rose (...

Helping Our Native Pollinators

By now, most of us have heard of the threat to honeybees from colony collapse disorder, a mysterious ailment that can decimate entire hives, and the concern over the impact of this decline on our...

Ocean, Lake and River Friendly Gardening

Ever stop to wonder where all the excess fertilizers and pesticides used on lawns and gardens end up? A lot of it makes its way to nearby waterways, causing pollution and algal blooms that deplete...

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In the Garden


First-Of-Spring Pests

With our gardens waking up from their winter slow-growing slumber, new greenery attracts aphids and whiteflies. Between quickening growth and high-nitrogen fertilizers, succulent new growth is just what they love. Aphids PROBLEM: If foliage...
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Shows & Events

Monster Tomato and Pepper Sale March 19-21, 9am-4pm, is the date of the Fullerton arboretum's annual sale of some 230 varieties...

Clever Gardening Technique

Small Collector, Big Dumper Use a lightweight plastic garbage can to haul around the yard when weeding or pruning. As the...
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Regional Reminders

  • Veggies to Sow
  • Carrot Choices
  • Last Bareroot Plantings
  • Posies to Sow
  • Slow-Release Feeding

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