February, 2010
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Roses for Your Valentine

National News

It will be Valentine's Day soon, and what better gift to give a loved one than roses. But instead of spending lots of money on cut flowers that will wither in a week’s time, why not treat your...

Sweet Raisin Cherry Tomato

Cherry tomatoes are a popular summer garden vegetable and a favorite with kids. There are many varieties available, such as 'Sungold' and 'Super Sweet 100', that tout a high sugar content. They...

New Environmentally Friendly Slow-Release Fertilizer

Fertilizers are added to lawns and gardens across the country at alarming rates. While they may be necessary for plant growth, excess fertilizer runs off into streams, rivers, and waterways,...

2010 Garden Trends

It's a new decade and new trends are sprouting up everywhere. Gardening is no exception! Each year, the Garden Media Group polls professionals in the lawn and garden industry to see what they...

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In the Garden


Tackling the Berry Patch

Bob stood eyeing his raspberry patch next to the vegetable garden. "I usually prune them all down," he said, referring to the scatter of canes. "We always have a lot of berries into the fall." This winter he and I decided to prune them properly to...
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Web Finds

UBC Botanical Garden Interested in a quick and thorough slice of information about unusual plants with tongue-twisting...

Clever Gardening Technique

Double Gloves for Winter Work I like warm hands and nimble fingers when pruning and doing garden work in winter. My preferred...
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Regional Reminders

  • Give Valentine's Seeds
  • Apply Dolomitic Limestone
  • Clean Air and Humidify with Houseplants
  • Veggie Garden -- Okay to Start Small
  • Wash Houseplant Leaves

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