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January, 2010
Regional Report

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New Heirloom Green Tomato

National News

Many gardeners grow heirloom tomatoes for their taste, unusual shape, and beauty. With the reintroduction of old-fashioned varieties, you can now grow tomatoes from around the world. Some are as...

Unique, Twisted Houseplant

This time of year it’s good to have easy-care houseplants around. In most parts of the country, winter is in full swing and having a touch of indoor greenery helps brighten any day. While many...

New Colorful Perennial Flower

There’s one word that aptly describes Heucherella ‘Sweet Tea’ flowers: intense. This new perennial features stunning orange, 4-inch-diameter leaves that don’t fade with the summer heat and...

Easy-to-Clean Bird Feeder

Winter is for bird feeding. However, it’s important to keep your feeder clean and disease-free for our feathered friends to enjoy. Bird seed left out in the rain can get moldy and harbor...

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In the Garden


Make Winter Brighter

No doubt, some of you are snow bunnies, reveling in the white, fluffy stuff, while others are planted solidly in front of their special lights for Seasonal Affective Disorder or at least hunkered down with garden magazines and hot cocoa. As for me,...
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Shows & Events

Steve Foltz Lecture The Cincinnati Zoo is as well-known for its gardens as for its animals, and the person who makes...


Vegetables, Fruits, and Herbs As more and more people are inspired to grow their own produce in these economically and...
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Regional Reminders

  • Be Consistent with Feeding Birds
  • Make a Terrarium
  • Look for Frost-Heaved Plants
  • Avoid Walking on the Lawn
  • Make Some Garden Ornaments

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