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October, 2009
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New Colorful Abelia

National News

Abelia is a broadleaf evergreen that grows well in USDA hardiness zones 6 to 10. The glossy green foliage contrasts nicely with the pinkish-white flowers in summer and fall. Now a new variety of...

Watch Birds with New Birdcam

Gardeners love to feed and watch birds. However, birds are often at the feeder or in nesting boxes when you’re at work, early in the morning, or late in the day. It’s hard to catch all the...

Build Your Own Weeder

The wheel hoe is a nifty, hand-powered weeder that is great for slicing off weeds at the soil line. It features a wheel attached to a metal frame with a sharp blade and wooden handles. If you’re...

New Farmer’s Business Book

Gardeners trying to establish a new market vegetable garden or farm may not take the time or have the expertise for the business side of their operation. They spend most of their time building the...

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In the Garden


Leaves, Bold and Beautiful

The plants known as "tropical foliage" encompass a huge group ideal for our regions. Their routine care now can make for an even bigger show for the rest of the year. No Fear Prunophobia haunts many gardeners when it comes to cutting back the...
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The Soil Food Web Teaming with Microbes by Jeff Lowenfels (Timber Press, August, 2006) is the most important...

Favorite or New Plant

Oak Leaf Lettuce If you never could understand why people want their lettuce to be different colors, or if you're...
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Regional Reminders

  • Create a Welcoming Entrance
  • Handling Gift Plants from Far Away
  • Make Pepper Vinegar
  • Collect Seeds and More
  • Cast Iron Care

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