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August, 2009
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New Colorful Toad Lily

National News

Toad lilies ( Tricyrtis formosana ) are moisture-loving, shade tolerant perennials that are hardy in USDA zones 4 to 8. They flower in late summer and early fall, offering color and interest in the...

San Francisco Becomes More Food Sustainable

Creating a healthy, sustainable food system is on many people's minds these days. Books, articles, and documentaries highlight pockets of successful programs across the country. Now, one city is...

National Indoor Gardening Day

While many gardeners in the country are enjoying the fruits of their summer labors, some forward-looking folks are focusing on a time of year when, for most of us, our gardening will be limited to...

What’s Woolch Mulch?

While in England this past summer, I noticed gardeners using wool around plants that slugs love. It appears the wool deters the slugs and snails from eating the foliage. Well, here’s a new idea...

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In the Garden


Compost Musings

Any how-to composting article worth its salt will tell you to build a pile that's at least one cubic yard, to mix nitrogen-rich and carbon-rich materials in just the right ratios, and to turn the pile to mix the materials so they decompose evenly. I'll...
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Web Finds

Green Cone Composters The literature describing Green Cone composters says that you can add meat, dairy, and bones --...

Favorite or New Plant

Calendula You may have seen calendula listed as an ingredient in lotions or baby products, but you may have...
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Regional Reminders

  • Sow Spinach
  • Prune Dead Branches
  • Allow Rose Hips to Form
  • Plant Garlic
  • Prepare New Garden Beds

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