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August, 2009
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Butterfly-Attracting, Disease-Resistant Phlox

National News

Midsummer is tall phlox ( Phlox paniculata and P. maculata ) season in the perennial garden. Phlox is known for its beautiful flowers this time of year, but powdery mildew often ruins the show....

Save the Ash Tree

There is a growing concern about native ash trees across the country. The emerald ash borer (EAB) insect has set up home in communities in the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, and Eastern Canada...

Elderberry Pruning Trials

Elderberry bushes are gaining in popularity. This native shrub is easy to grow and is adapted to a wide range of climatic conditions, including wet areas. It features attractive white flowers and...

National Community Gardening Week

Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack has named August 23-29, 2009, National Community Gardening Week. As an ongoing commitment to encourage community gardening, the USDA is installing “People’s...

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In the Garden


Garden Nasties: Ants

Now we get down to specific nasties which may be plaguing our gardens. However, remember that all critters are just doing "their jobs" to survive, so many times it's more successful for us as gardeners to reconsider their natural bent as something...
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Favorite or New Plant

Cover Crops If you're not going to have a winter garden, cover crops are an excellent alternative, even for...

Clever Gardening Technique

Garden Colander Replace the bottom of a wooden box with half-inch hardware cloth or chicken wire for use as a...
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Regional Reminders

  • Feed Veggies
  • Melon Attention
  • Keep Picking!
  • Harvest Early
  • Red Spider Mites Love the Heat

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