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July, 2009
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New Compact Obedient Plant

National News

Obedient plant ( Physostegia ) is a widely adapted perennial flower that is so-named, not for its compact and controllable growth habit, but for the way the flowers can be bent into a desired...

On-Line Fruit Encyclopedia

If you’re a fruit nut, here’s a Web site for you. is an on-going encyclopedia of edible fruits of the world that lists almost 300 different fruits from around the world. Developed...

The Soil Sifter

Many garden plants love a loose, fertile topsoil for growing. This is especially true of fine-rooted plants. However, unless you’re willing to buy bagged topsoil or compost or have someone screen...

Keeping Kudzu Under Control

It’s considered the scourge of the South. Kudzu is a perennial, vining weed that has taken over thousands of acres of land in the Southeast. It spreads at a rate of 150,000 acres a year and, with...

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In the Garden


Midsummer Color in the Perennial Garden

It is midsummer, the time of ripeness in the vegetable garden, full-blown fruits in the orchard, and hot summer color in the perennial garden. This is a time when days are lazy and there is not a lot of incentive to getting out in the garden for...
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Shows & Events

Lincoln Square Garden Walk in Chicago This is the premier garden walk in Chicago! Not only will you be able to visit over twenty...

Favorite or New Plant

Tomato Soup Coneflower I had my doubts about a new coneflower color, but this one has taken me by storm. It really does...
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Regional Reminders

  • Keep Deadheading
  • Keep Watering
  • Move Irises and Peonies
  • Pick off Japanese Beetles
  • Watch Moisture on Tomatoes and Peppers

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