Northern California Coastal & Inland Valleys

July, 2009
Regional Report

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New Hybrid Rudbeckia

National News

Rudbeckias, also known as black-eyed Susans, are great for brightening up gardens with their yellow blooms. In recent years breeders have developed several new varieties of both annual and...

Produce More Raspberries in Cool Climates

It’s raspberry season in many parts of the country. If you love red raspberries and want to get an even bigger crop, consider using a technique developed by researchers in Norway. They grew two...

Return of American Chestnut Can Help Reduce Global Warming

American chestnuts ( Castanea dentate ) were prized trees in North American forests until blight wiped them out in the last century. Researchers have been trying to breed a disease-resistant...

Revised Book on Deer-Proof Gardens

Deer are capable of decimating a garden overnight and are the bane of many gardeners’ existence. There are countless books, articles, Web sites, and products available to help control this pest....

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In the Garden


Squirrel Control

Are squirrels driving you to drink? Are tree squirrels digging up your bulbs and helping themselves to your bedding plants? Are ground squirrels excavating your fields and pastures? I lived with a garden full of squirrels for 14 years, so I know...
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Web Finds

Wild Wing Company Wild Wing Company is dedicated providing avian habitat and controlling pests with the most...

Clever Gardening Technique

Outwit Squirrels The reason squirrels invade a vegetable garden is because they are thirsty. Most veggies, such as...
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Regional Reminders

  • Water Trees Deeply
  • Plant Warm-Season Vegetables
  • Pull Weeds
  • Check Drip Systems
  • Deadhead Rhododendrons and Azaleas

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