Southwestern Deserts

April, 2001
Regional Report

In the Garden


Cactus Flower

An enormous prickly pear cactus grows just inside my front gate. For much of the year, it has just big green pads with long spines that stab me when I try to garden in the vicinity. It reminds me of those science fiction movies where the evil commander...
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Nopales Southwestern residents should try nopales at least once. Nopales are the young, tender, prickly...

Web Finds

Arid-Southwest Gardening The University of Arizona Cooperative Extension recently launched a gardening Web site called...
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Regional Reminders

  • Sow Vegetable Seeds
  • Water Deciduous Fruit Trees
  • Control Blossom End Rot
  • Fertilize Blooming Roses
  • Increase Watering

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