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June, 2009
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New Hardier Cape Fuchsia

National News

Many gardeners love to grow the common fuchsia as an annual in containers and hanging baskets. The fuchsia family, though, also has soon unusual perennials in its lineage. The cape fuchsia...

Trees Can Reduce Energy Usage

Trees are great additions to a yard for their shade and fruit depending on the type you grow. Now, research confirms trees also will help reduce summertime energy use. A recent USDA study in...

Race Car Made From and Powered by Vegetables

Formula 1 racing has come under scrutiny from environmental groups for the amount of fossil fuels needed to create and maintain their sport cars. Now, researchers at the University of Warwick in...

New Handy Mosquito Repellent

Summer time is mosquito time for much of the country. Whether you’re camping, gardening, or just enjoying a quiet evening on a patio or deck, mosquitoes often seek you out and ruin your fun. While...

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In the Garden


Flowers and Seeds

Often the first gardening experience a person has is to plant seeds, and the absolute wonder of watching a tiny speck become a full-sized plant never ebbs. Starting Tiny Seeds The first seeds most people handle are big, like beans, corn, and...
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Captivating Combinations Norman Winter has written a real gardener's guide to exotic but easy to grow flower combinations....

Favorite or New Plant

Flapjack Kalanchoe The stunning leaves on this succulent plant are huge and shaped like ping pong paddles. They are...
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Regional Reminders

  • Green Ponds
  • Canna Leaf Rollers
  • Tomato Tips
  • Reblooming Roses
  • Brown or Bugs

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