Southwestern Deserts

May, 2009
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New Web Site for Sharing Produce

National News

Many gardeners are growing vegetables and fruits this year and often they end up planting too much of any one item. So what happens to the produce if you have extra zucchini, a bumper crop of...

Boxwood Basil

For those that love to grow edibles but also have a formal look to your garden, here's a new basil that with fulfill your culinary and classical design needs. 'Boxwood Basil' looks like a...

A New Teeny Coreopsis

Coreopsis or tickseed plants are easy-to-grow perennials that produce abundant blooms over a long season. Varieties are available in a range of flower colors, including yellow, pink, white, and...

Premium Knee Pads

It's prime gardening season and for many gardeners, the physical labor takes a toll on their bodies. Luckily there are new products on the market that can help prevent the aches and pains that...

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In the Garden


Pruning Native Trees

May to early June is an appropriate time to prune native trees if needed because summer is their active growth period and they quickly produce fresh foliage after trimming. However, don't prune just to prune or because your neighbor is wielding loppers!...
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Favorite or New Plant

Feather Bush Despite its common name, feather bush ( Lysiloma microphylla v. thornberi ) is a Sonoran Desert...

Clever Gardening Technique

Don't Seal Pruning Cuts on Trees It is unnecessary to seal pruning cuts with paints or sealants. They interfere with your tree's...
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Regional Reminders

  • Mulch Plants
  • Increase Watering Frequency
  • Remove Spent Cool-Season Annuals
  • Plant Sun-loving Flowers
  • Fertilize Citrus

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