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April, 2009
Regional Report

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New Thornless Roses

National News

Everyone loves roses, but no one loves the thorns. Thornless rose varieties have been available since the 1960s but now there are new, improved varieties to choose from. Smooth Touch roses feature...

NGA Wins Book Award

National Gardening Association has been publishing kids gardening curriculum and activity books for more than 25 years. These books are very popular with teachers and parents and one of our most...

Broccoli Sprouts May Inhibit Ulcers

It’s been widely reported that broccoli is loaded with the chemical sulfuraphane, a known antioxidant. It’s also been found this chemical has antibiotic properties. Researchers at John Hopkins...

Unusual Edible Ornamental

Edible gardening is all the rage across the country. People are looking to grow some of their own food, but not wanting to sacrifice beauty. Here’s an unusual, international edible plant that’s...

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In the Garden


Gardening for Hummingbirds and Butterflies

They are the jewels of the garden, the hummingbirds and butterflies. Their colors and movement bring a dimension to the garden that not even the rarest plant can. Although they will often appear no matter what's in your garden, with a little planning,...
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Favorite or New Plant

Fragrant Viburnums With some 150 to 200 species and many more cultivars, the genus Viburnum provides some of the...

Tool or Gardening Product

Watering Wand Plants, both in the ground and in containers, are best watered with a soft, soaking spray. The...
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Regional Reminders

  • Check for Slugs
  • Choose the Best Day to Transplant
  • Photograph and Care for Spring Bulbs
  • Install Plant Supports
  • Apply Deer and Rabbit Repellents Regularly

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