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March, 2009
Regional Report

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New Mildew-Resistant Phlox

National News

Tall summer phlox ( Phlox paniculata ) are a midsummer treat is any perennial garden. The flowers are showy and are available in a range of colors, including pure white, pink, lilac, and red....

To Till or Not Till in Compost

Most gardeners know that compost applied to perennial beds helps the soil and plants in many ways. Usually the added compost is tilled into the soil before planting. Now research from the...

Community Gardens at all USDA Facilities

New research from the National Gardening Association shows there are more than 1 million community gardens in the United States and up to 3 million people would like to garden in a community garden...

New Early, Sweet Melon

Melons are a favored summer vegetable. While most gardeners are familiar with the traditional cantaloupes, there are now other exotic melons making it into farmer's markets, grocery stores, and...

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In the Garden


Zonal Geraniums

I love geraniums! I know they are fairly common and I know that our southern summers can be hard on them. Yet you've gotta admire these plants for their toughness and beauty. Geraniums look their best in the early spring to early summer season. They...
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Web Finds

National Ag Library The National Ag Library is is a fascinating Web site for gardeners. The link provided shows...

Tool or Gardening Product

Diamond Hoe There are many great types of gardening hoes on the market, each with its own special uses. I...
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Regional Reminders

  • Protect New Transplants
  • Try Melon Transplants
  • Don't Misapply Weed Killers
  • Feed Blooming Plants Regularly
  • Fertilize Camellia and Azaleas

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