Pacific Northwest

February, 2009
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New Purple Ornamental Pepper

National News

Ornamental/edible hot peppers have become all the rage in the gardening world in recent years. There are numerous varieties available that combine the heat and spice of hot peppers with attractive...

Which Fruits Have the Most Antioxidants?

Every few months it seems there's another news story touting a specific fruit as having high levels of antioxidants. Antioxidants are compounds that have been associated with the prevention of...

Best Bellflowers

Bellflowers (Campanula) are widely adapted, hardy flowers that include more than 300 different annual, biennial, and perennial species. The Chicago Botanic Garden evaluated 89 different perennial...

Compostable Kitchen Bags

Composting is a great way to produce healthy organic matter for the garden and reduce the amount of food scraps and yard waste going to landfills. Many gardeners accumulate kitchen scraps to throw...

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In the Garden


For Carefree Gardening, Go Native!

I love walking through my garden in early spring. Native plants are always the first to awaken from their long winter's nap, showing new growth weeks before plants in my carefully planned landscape begin to stir. As new stems grow and leaves unfold, I...
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Favorite or New Plant

Versatile Viburnums Viburnums are among the most beautiful, versatile and undemanding shrubs I know. In late spring...


Learning About Garden Ecology Insects and Gardens , a delightful book by Eric Grissellhis (Timber Press, 2001; $30), is not a...
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Regional Reminders

  • Prepare New Beds
  • Protect Fruit Trees
  • Plant Asparagus
  • Prune Clematis
  • Divide Perennials

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