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February, 2009
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Red-Flowering Rudbeckia

National News

Rudbeckia, or black-eyed Susans, are native American wildflowers that have recently gone through a breeding revolution. There are many new selections of this tough, easy-to-grow perennial that...

Online Tool Helps Calculate Carbon Sequestration of Trees

Much of the talk about reducing the effects of global warming has revolved around the amount of carbon dioxide that gets emitted into the atmosphere. One way to reduce CO2 emissions to plant more...

Plants Help People in Hospitals Heal Faster

All gardeners know that plants -- and flowers in particular -- can bring a smile to someone's face. But can flowers be used to help people recover from illnesses? Researchers at Kansas State...

New Sweet Corn with Purple Cob

Nothing is more rewarding than munching on sweet corn harvested fresh from your garden. There are lots of sweet corn types available, from old heirlooms to supersweet varieties. Recently breeders...

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In the Garden


Late Winter Perennial Cleanup

Late winter is perennial clean up time around our place. I love perennials, for one thing because they offer many years of return on your gardening dollar. However to keep them looking their best a little sprucing up here and there are in order....
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Web Finds

Dividing Perennials The Dividing Perennials Web page from Clemson Extension provides a very helpful guide to...

Tool or Gardening Product

Border Spade & Border Fork These two tools are smaller versions of their larger cousins the standard-sized spade and fork....
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Regional Reminders

  • Check Junipers for Bagworm Pouches
  • Train Climbing Roses
  • Prune Fruit and Nut Trees
  • Prepare Soil Before Panting
  • Treat for Scale Insects

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