March, 2009
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Perennial of the Year

National News

Each year the Perennial Plant Association highlights a perennial plant that fits the criteria for plant of the year. Winning plants are widely adapted, have multiple seasons of interest, are low...

Reduce your Carbon Footprint by Mowing Less

Many people are interested in reducing their carbon footprint in an effort to save energy and limit global warming. While driving less is one of the most obvious ways to do this, mowing your lawn...

New Soil-Moisture Monitor

Knowing when to water containers is often a head-scratching proposition, especially for new gardeners. While it’s important to not let your container plant dry out, the bigger problem is often...

Want to Be a New Farmer? Start Here

Small farming is on the rise. The USDA estimates there are more than 300,000 new farms in the U.S since 2002, with many being run by younger people. All those new farmers are looking for...

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In the Garden


To Sow... or Not To Sow?

This spring my gardening starts indoors. With seeds. You see, I unearthed the oversized envelope box I'd been stuffing seed packets into since last spring. Well (gulp), since 1997, if the "Sell By" dates are accurate. There are two more boxes -- for...
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Web Finds

Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Working Group Interested in regional approaches for better food and more sustainable food production? The...

Clever Gardening Technique

Seed Disks Small seeds roll around, cluster together, move when you water. They are difficult to space for...
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Regional Reminders

  • Bring Spring Indoors
  • Tidy and Fertilize Winter Pansies
  • Scope Out Your Neighborhood for Young Gardening Help
  • Remove and Replace Near-Dead Shrubs
  • Get Silly

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