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January, 2009
Regional Report

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New Scented Tuberous Begonia

National News

Tuberous begonias are gorgeous, shade-loving flowers that produce large bouquets of single or double blooms in colors ranging from white to deep red. However, for as beautiful as they look, these...

Honeybees as Plant Bodyguards

Most gardeners know the advantages of honeybees visiting the garden. Bees play a critical role in the pollination of many fruits and vegetables. New research from Germany shows that honeybees can...

New Colorful False Indigo

Baptisia, or false indigo, is a popular spring-flowering, bushy perennial that grows 2 to 7 feet tall and wide depending on the species. There are white-, purple-, and yellow-flowered types...

Low Stress Wheeled Snow Shovel

Snow and cold is engulfing much of the country this year. While it’s great to hire someone to plow your driveway and walkways, for “do-it-yourselvers” shoveling snow actually can be a good form of...

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In the Garden


I'm Falling for Succulents

I've never been a lover of succulents, but I'm gradually coming around to see why friends have love affairs with cactus, aloe, haworthia, and kalanchoe. I planted two containers of small succulents for the patio tables this year and simply enjoyed the...
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Web Finds

Succulent Plant Page The Succulent Plant Page is chock full of information on every imaginable succulent plant. Each...


Cactus and Succulents Although almost any book on succulents also deals with cactus, you might just be surprised and...
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Regional Reminders

  • Care for Amaryllis
  • Remove Snow Gently
  • Select Fragrant Houseplants
  • Watch Figs for Leaf Drop
  • Watch out for Mealy Bugs

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