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January, 2009
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Award-Winning Squash and Viola

National News

The All America Selections (AAS) committee has been awarding new, high-performing vegetables and annual flowers their prestigious award for more than 75 years. These varieties are trialed across...

Bag That Compost

Composting has many benefits, including enlivening soil, reducing food waste, and reducing the amount of organic matter going to the local landfills. However, many gardeners find composting a...

New Gold-Red Lenten Rose

Hellebores or lenten roses are one of the first perennials to flower in spring. These shade-lovers make an excellent groundcover under large deciduous trees and grow well in moist soil, too....

Food Pairings: Making a Good Match

When making a meal from scratch, it’s often frustrating to be missing a few ingredients. Another frustration is wondering what dish will compliment a favorite vegetable or other food. If you’re...

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In the Garden


New Year's Resolution

At this time of year we're reminded everywhere that it's time to think about resolutions and ways we can make a fresh start in our lives. Naturally, my mind turns to the garden. Gardening Memories A woman I met socially last year came over to...
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Web Finds

Cornell Gardening Resources Visit Cornell Gardening Resources for a wealth of information, including recommended vegetable...

Favorite or New Plant

Grandma Was On to Something It appears Grandma really did have a health reason for sipping elderberry wine! A study reported...
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Regional Reminders

  • Reduce Sidewalk Salt
  • Recycle Your Christmas Tree
  • Put Old Paint to Good Garden Use
  • Spread Wood Ashes to Kill Slugs
  • Take Advantage of a January Thaw

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