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January, 2009
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Something Old and Something New in Tomatoes

National News

It’s the New Year. With the staggering economy, many people are looking to grow more of their own vegetables this year. With that in mind, I thought to highlight some of the best new varieties of...

Two Tough Greens

There’s nothing like fresh greens from the garden in spring. Two of the stars in the early spring greens garden are arugula and kale. They are tough, cold tolerate, tasty, and nutritious. Here are...

Not So Hot Pepper

Lovers of spicy foods know that any dish with habanero peppers in it will knock your socks off. Considered one of the hottest pepper types, habaneros must be used with caution when handling and...

Two New Cabbages

Cabbages may not be the type of vegetable that gets people excited, but these two new varieties have some great advantages that might inspire you grow them. ‘Icy Fingers’ cabbage is one of...

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In the Garden


Our Real Winter

Oh, rain, wonderful rain! And cold, lots of true chill hours -- under 45 degrees and no higher than 60 degrees -- for our deciduous fruit trees! To say nothing of being able to wear a real coat instead of just a sweater! Hooray for a real winter,...
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Shows & Events

Camellia Show On Saturday, January 31, from 1 to 4pm, and Sunday 9am to 4pm, in Van de Kamp Hall at Descanso...

Clever Gardening Technique

Mulch to Prevent Spattering Apply a layer of mulch onto soil that is close to the house or in a windowbox to prevent...
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Regional Reminders

  • No Feeding of Frost Damaged Plants
  • No Pruning of Frost-Damaged Foliage
  • Enjoying Your Amaryllis Forever
  • Transplanting Without Compacting
  • Transplanting Veggies

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