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December, 2008
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New Fragrant Alstroemeria

National News

Alstroemeria or Peruvian lily is a common cut flower often used in floral bouquets. It is a versatile perennial that’s hardy in USDA zones 5 to 8. The orchid-like flowers come in a variety of...

High Nitrogen Levels Reduce Health Benefits of Veggies

Many herbs and spices are known to contain potent antioxidant compounds. However, it’s not always clear how growing conditions affect the levels of antioxidants in plants. Researchers at...

Love at First Sight Rose Video

Roses are one of America’s best-loved flowers. Few home gardeners realize the time, energy, and money that go into breeding and growing a variety for market. A new variety takes years of trials...

Farmers for Hire: New Trend in Urban Gardening

In hard economic times everyone wants to cut costs. While growing your own food can save money and produce fresh, healthy vegetables in your own yard, it does take time and expertise. People in...

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In the Garden


Helping Plants Overwinter

Winter can be hard on plants, sometimes more so in our region than than in areas with seemingly harsher winters. Two factors stand out: fluctuating temperatures and the lack of reliable snow cover. Temperatures in the 60s this week may feel great to...
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Favorite or New Plant

Nepeta 'Walker's Low' Named Perennial Plant of the Year for 2007 by the Perennial Plant Association, Nepeta x...

Clever Gardening Technique

Making Suet For the Birds Save fat trimmings from meat to feed to the birds. Place pieces into a suet feeder or an empty...
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Regional Reminders

  • Clean Bird Feeders and Birdbaths
  • Keep Birdseed Out of the Garden
  • Trim Back Indoor Plants
  • Using Last Year's Seeds
  • Pot Up Cuttings

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