November, 2008
Regional Report

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New Gold-Leafed Clematis

National News

European alpine clematis ( Clematis alpina ) features twining foliage that can reach up to 6 feet tall and nodding, bell-shaped flowers. Now there’s a new selection from Holland that boasts...

Propane Powered Grass Trimmer

Many power equipment manufacturers are adapting their products to environmental regulations by making them more fuel efficient and cleaner burning. There is also an increase in the use of...

Chill Plants to Stop Mealybugs

Mealybugs are common garden and houseplant pests. These cottony white bugs attach themselves to leaves and stems and suck plant juices. Their damage can cause leaves to drop and the sticky...

New Use for Dandelions

Gardeners are very familiar with the common dandelion. Many homeowners spend lots of money and time trying to eradicate this weed from their lawns. However, the lowly dandelion may play a role in...

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In the Garden


Trimming The Holiday Topiary

Holiday cheer is in our backyards, parks, fields, neighborhoods, and around craft tables. Gather friends, boxwood branches, small pine cones, wispy milkweed seeds and pods, dried hydrangea flowers, moss, baby's breath, holly berry clusters -- whatever...
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Web Finds

Science News for Kids Interested in learning how to "worm grunt," understanding hybrid cars, or knowing more about why...

Shows & Events

Enviro College Student Correspondent Opportunity As part of its January launch, the Mother Nature Network is partnering with YouTube to select one...
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Regional Reminders

  • Clip Oakleaf and Hydrangea Paniculata Flowers for Decoration
  • Don't Prune Roses or Other Live Wood
  • Mulch Dry Leaves
  • To Lift or Not To Lift -- Dahlias and Cannas
  • Share School's Enviro Project Videos

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