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October, 2008
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New Tri-Colored Japanese Maple

National News

Fall is for tree planting. The warm soils and cool, rainy days create perfect conditions for tree roots to grow before the cold days of winter. Japanese maple is a favorite specimen tree of many...

Instant Compost Tea

Gardeners know the benefits compost tea can have on their gardens. Not only is it a quick and efficient way to deliver nutrients to plants, compost tea also feeds the microbial life in the soil....

Trials of the Best Organic Weed Killers

Organic gardeners often struggle to control annual weeds in their gardens. While there are many organic products on the market touted as helpful in controlling weeds, there has been little...

Blue Flag Iris Filters Pesticides

Our native blue flag iris ( Iris versicolor ) is a beautiful perennial that grows well on lakeshores, swamps, wet meadows and along stream beds. Now it appears this iris can be effective in...

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In the Garden


Plants for Wild Life

Put down that cellphone! Stop texting 24/7! Take a break to walk in the garden everyday -- you might be surprised how much natural excitement there is out here. Sheer beauty, yes, but also surprising -- and sometimes shocking -- realities....
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Shows & Events

Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival The 15th Annual Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival happens November 5-9 in Harlingen, Texas. For...


Tropical Plants Tropicalismo! , by Pam Baggett, is new this fall from Timber Press and it is muy bien , indeed....
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Regional Reminders

  • Vitex Care
  • Add to Compost
  • Limb Up
  • Lettuce Care
  • Flowers for Fall Planting

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