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August, 2008
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Vanilla-Scented Verbena Perfumes Your Yard

National News

Verbenas are stars of the late-season annual flower garden. They are great butterfly attractants and provide an airy feel to the garden as their flowers float above the foliage. Now there’s a...

Neem May Inhibit Nitrogen-Fixation in Legumes

Neem extract is widely used to ward off a variety of insects, such as Japanese beetles, aphids, and scale, and also diseases such as powdery mildew. It’s derived from the seed of a tropical tree...

Gardening Improves Health of Older Adults

It’s widely known that regular exercise contributes to the prevention of chronic diseases associated with aging and helps maintain an independent lifestyle. While many seniors find regular...

Faux Coyote Scares Away Birds

From the manufacturer who brought you the scare-eye balloons and faux owls to help ward off unwanted birds comes another faux predator for your yard. The faux coyote is not just a one-dimensional...

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In the Garden


More Food Longer

Even on hot, sunny days, there is an imperceptible change in the air, while at night there is no mistaking what the crisp coolness portends: autumn is just around the corner. Sure, the garden is still filled with bushels of tomatoes, green beans, corn,...
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Season Extending For further information on season-extending garden strategies, look to Four-Season Harvest:...

Clever Gardening Technique

Fall Rose Planting Over the years there's been an evolution in planting advice. Many of my older garden books...
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Regional Reminders

  • Divide Perennials
  • Give Butterflies a Treat
  • Trim and Deadhead
  • Collect, Save, and Sow Seed
  • Make Gazpacho

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