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July, 2008
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New Variegated Tapioca

National News

Tropical foliage plants continue to be popular, and a new ornamental selection of the tropical food plant tapioca promises to shine in any landscape. The variegated tapioca ( Manihot esculenta...

Simple Way to Reduce Peach Brown Rot

Brown rot fungal disease can adversely affect the health of peach trees and fruits. To reduce the need for spraying to control this disease, researchers in France tried changing some common...

New Deer-Control Product

Deer browsing on shrubs, trees, flowers, and vegetables is a big problem throughout the country. Some gardeners fence out the deer, others try various taste and smell deterrents. Here’s another...

World’s Largest Daphne

Daphnes are known for their attractive foliage and sweetly scented, white flowers. Most selections are small shrubs with densely packed leaves that grow well in a perennial flower border. But...

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In the Garden


Insect Pest Primer

Insect Control Rule Number 1: Never spray an insecticide until you've identified the culprit! Not all insects are pests -- many are beneficial, most are benign. Don't assume that any insect crawling around on a plant is there to cause trouble. Case in...
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Web Finds

Constructing a Rain Barrel In this time of record-breaking drought, we all need to look for ways to conserve water and make...


Creative Concrete Ornaments for the Garden Roll up your sleeves and make your own garden ornaments! Leaf castings are especially popular,...
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Regional Reminders

  • Harvest Herbs
  • Visit the Garden Daily
  • Harvest and Store Produce
  • Continue Planting
  • Rejuvenate Dry Container Gardens

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