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May, 2008
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Air Pollution Reduces Flower Fragrance

National News

The decline of honeybee and native bee populations has been widely reported in the press, and a number of factors have been attributed to the decline, such as mites, disease, and stress. Now air...

New Multicolored Wallflower

Wallflowers are tender perennials that can also be grown as biennials in cold climates. This quintessential English flower features strap-like leaves and tender stems of brightly colored blossoms....

Choosing Roses for Your Region

The All-America Rose Selections (AARS) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the introduction and promotion of award-winning roses. For 70 years they have trialed rose varieties across the...

Recipes from the Garden

Rosalind Creasy is considered a leader in the edible landscaping movement. Her famous book, The Complete Guide to Edible Landscaping (Sierra Club Books, 1982), is a bible for many home...

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In the Garden


Greening the Garden

The public's growing interest in environmental, or "green," issues is pervasive in the media. Although I haven't checked out the tabloids yet, just about every other magazine at the grocery checkout counter is telling us what we can do to help the...
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Web Finds

Lawn Care Supplied Looking for a safe and natural approach to lawn care? Twenty years after publishing his book...


The Soil Food Web Healthy plants start with healthy soil. In Teaming with Microbes: A Gardener's Guide to the Soil...
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Regional Reminders

  • Protect Yourself
  • Take Advantage of Special Plant Sales
  • Move Houseplants Outdoors
  • Prune Spring-Flowering Trees and Shrubs
  • Apply Mulch

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