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May, 2008
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Air Pollution Reduces Flower Fragrance

National News

The decline of honeybee and native bee populations has been widely reported in the press, and a number of factors have been attributed to the decline, such as mites, disease, and stress. Now air...

New Multicolored Wallflower

Wallflowers are tender perennials that can also be grown as biennials in cold climates. This quintessential English flower features strap-like leaves and tender stems of brightly colored blossoms....

Choosing Roses for Your Region

The All-America Rose Selections (AARS) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the introduction and promotion of award-winning roses. For 70 years they have trialed rose varieties across the...

Recipes from the Garden

Rosalind Creasy is considered a leader in the edible landscaping movement. Her famous book, The Complete Guide to Edible Landscaping (Sierra Club Books, 1982), is a bible for many home...

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In the Garden


Garden Structures

Most of my gardening is about the plants, but it's time to focus on the "bones" that too often disappear in the lush growth of summer. Gardens in our region are never without ample greenery that needs contrasting elements and color to define and show...
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Hardy Succulents Author Gwen Moore Kelaidis and photographer Saxon Holt have combined brilliant, clear writing...

Favorite or New Plant

'Diamond Frost' Euphorbia In pots or garden beds, anywhere heat and drought tolerance (once established in the garden) is...
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Regional Reminders

  • Growing Healthy Gardenias
  • Keep Mites Off Lantana
  • Battling Pests on Hollies
  • Check Fasteners on Hammocks and Swings
  • Don't Forget the Shade-Lovers

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