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April, 2008
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Award-Winning Salvia

National News

Salvia is a versatile darling of the flower garden. There are many annual and perennial varieties and one of the most colorful and easiest to grow is mealy cup sage or Salvia farinacea . A new...

Determine Your Garden’s Sun Exposure

One of the most common causes of a plant struggling in the garden is not enough, or too much, sunlight. It’s important to know how the sunlight changes over the course of the spring and summer. As...

Insecticide Use Linked to Parkinson's Disease

Every gardener knows that great care should be used in applying any pesticide. Exposure to pesticides can have serious short- and long-term health effects. Recent research points to the gravity of...

Free Online Plant Information Database

Are you looking for a source for a special plant? Are you looking for an expert gardening Web site for information on growing plants in your area? Want to see what has been written about a...

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In the Garden


Plants on the Edge

Many gardeners have a water feature in the landscape, and many more of them would like to have one. A pond or water garden opens up a whole new range of planting possibilities. But after you install the water lilies, don't forget the plants that line...
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Digging Deep Digging Deep , by Fran Sorin (Grand Central Publishing, 2006; $19.99) is a joyful read for those...

Web Finds

Your Florida Backyard Marianne Cowley says that her site Your Florida Backyard has information about the plants that...
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Regional Reminders

  • Pruning Azaleas
  • Promote Healthy Grass With Proper Mowing
  • Rejuvenate Compost
  • Check Irrigation Systems
  • Don't Overdo Mulch

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