Southwestern Deserts

February, 2008
Regional Report

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Snow Pea With a Touch of Gold

National News

Springtime is pea time in the vegetable garden. There’s nothing like the taste of freshly picked English, snap, or snow peas. Although peas are grown mostly for their flavor, now these edible...

New Look in Foxgloves

Foxgloves ( Digitalis ) are popular biennials and perennials with 1- to 4-foot-tall bloom spikes in colors ranging from white to purple. They have colorful mottling in the center of individual...

Fabric Pots Offer Advantages

Every year there are more types of containers on the market. While the trend is toward more decorative and fashionable pots, these may not be the best ones for your plants. Dark-colored plastic...

New Book Plumbs the Truth About Organic Gardening

As organic gardening becomes more common, there are many assumptions about its safety that get promoted by the media. It’s hard to know which organic gardening techniques and products are...

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In the Garden


My Chipmunk Departs

My house is much quieter, but rather dull, now that Alvie the Chipmunk has returned to the great outdoors. Friends had provided me with "foolproof" instructions for homemade, humane chipmunk traps. But Alvie seemed quite content to ignore clever...
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Shows & Events

Tres Rios Nature & Earth Festival Natural riparian areas support 80 to 90 percent of desert wildlife at some time during their life...


Backyards & Beyond The new quarterly magazine Backyards & Beyond , subtitled Rural Living in Arizona , is geared...
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Regional Reminders

  • Start Planning
  • Fertilize Citrus
  • Continue Transplanting Tomatoes
  • Pull New Weeds
  • Use Ripening Citrus

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