Northern California Coastal & Inland Valleys

March, 2008
Regional Report

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Regifting Flower Bouquets

National News

Bouquets of cut flowers are a sign of love and affection and are a sure way to make someone smile. Every year thousands of cut flowers decorate special events like weddings, banquets, and...

Miniature Butterfly Bush

Butterfly bushes ( Buddleia davidii ) are the darlings of the midsummer perennial border. Their flowers form on new growth and become more numerous as the summer goes on. It’s a great delight to...

Community-Based Weather Reporting

Gardeners are keenly interested in the weather, and for good reason. Floods, droughts, hail, and snowstorms can spell disaster for many plants. While weather forecasting has become more...

All About Green Roofs

Green roofs are becoming more popular in cities across the country. Many municipalities see growing plants on roofs as a way to reduce water runoff, summer air temperature, and pollution. Until...

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In the Garden


Moss Madness

We planted a moss garden yesterday. When I was a kid, I had a moss terrarium on my windowsill, but I hadn't thought of it in years until a box of different mosses arrived at Henry's house (where we shoot Henry's Garden ) from Moss Acres, a nursery in...
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Shows & Events

Lakeshore Avenue Plant Exchange I love the idea of a neighborhood plant exchange! Do you have plants you must prune or cull? How...

Tool or Gardening Product

Weed Hound I know, it looks too good to be true. As seen on TV, the Weed Hound garden cultivator is an...
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Regional Reminders

  • Check Irrigation System
  • Deadhead Spring-Blooming Bulbs
  • Plant Dahlias
  • Patrol for Aphids
  • Harvest Sweet Peas

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