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November, 2007
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Houseplant With Pizzazz

National News

Many indoor houseplants lack the colorful foliage and flowers of the plants in our gardens. They may tolerate the lower light and humidity in the home but often they aren’t especially attractive....

Cozy Wrap for Compost

Composting is a great way to dispose of yard and kitchen waste without adding more volume to our landfills. In general, the warmer the pile, the faster the composting, so in many regions the cold...

Bulb Flowers For All Occasions

Bulb flowers, both cut and potted, are popular gifts for many occasions, including first dates and dinner parties. However, many people, especially men, don’t know what flowers to bring to these...

The Toughest Street Trees

Urban environments are tough on street trees. Between air pollution, lack of high-quality soil, vandalism, and pests and diseases, street trees have a tough time surviving. One of the leading...

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In the Garden


Fall is Persimmon Season!

Many readers are familiar with our common American persimmon ( Diospyros virginiana ), native from Florida to East Texas, north to Connecticut, and across to Kansas. Each year as shortening days and cool nights signal the trees to drop their foliage,...
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Web Finds

Persimmon Recipes This Persimmon Recipes site provides numerous recipes for cooking with persimmons including...

Tool or Gardening Product

Japanese Hori-Hori Knife There could be no simpler tool than the Japanese Hori-Hori knife. The heavy blade is sharpened on...
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Regional Reminders

  • Feed Hollies and Pyracanthas With Yellowing Leaves
  • Harvest Tomatoes and Peppers Before First Frost
  • Root Rose Cuttings
  • Store Potatoes and Squash Properly
  • Plant Bulbs Indoors For Winter Flowers

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