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November, 2007
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Colorful Japanese Forest Grass

National News

Japanese forest grass ( Hakonechloa macra ) is an attractive, clumping ornamental grass that looks stunning planted as a ground cover along a walkway or on a bank. The leaves are usually a bright...

New Continuous Input Composter

With the bevy of fallen leaves, grass clippings, and old flower and vegetable plants, fall is a great time to compost yard waste. While there are many home compost units on the market, here is a...

Award-Winning Japanese Hornbeam

Since 1978 the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society has recognized outstanding trees, shrubs, and woody vines with a special gold medal award. The plants are evaluated for performance, pest and...

Sky Farming of the Future

Small-space gardeners with only a deck and patio have been told for years to utilize the vertical space above beds and planters for growing more plants. Now Dickson Despommier, professor of...

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In the Garden


Gardening for Butterfly Larvae

If you want to attract butterflies to your garden, it's important to grow the nectar plants that butterflies and moths seek. Many of our garden favorites provide nectar for adult butterflies, so attracting them is easy. But don't forget the plants best...
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Web Finds

Marin Independent Journal Though it's from the Far West of Marin County, California, this Get Busy Gardening to Help Bees...

Favorite or New Plant

Live Oak Tree Too many of these magnificent native trees have been lost or damaged in the last few years....
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Regional Reminders

  • Prune Bougainvilleas for Blooms
  • Caring for Crape Myrtle
  • Harvest Mirlitons
  • Plant Windbreaks
  • Collecting Water

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