Northern California Coastal & Inland Valleys

October, 2007
Regional Report

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Thornless Lime Tree for Containers

National News

Dwarf citrus trees make great container plants because they are adaptable to both indoor and outdoor conditions and produce fruit while taking up very little space. In warm climates (USDA zones...

Handy Tool for Cleaning Up Dropped Fruits

There are many tools for raking and removing leaves that drop on our lawns and gardens, but when it comes to picking up fallen nuts and fruits, most of us resort to picking them up by hand or...

Fruits and Vegetables Are Bigger But Not Better

Large strawberries, huge watermelons, bigger tomatoes -- it seems we have a fascination with large fruits and vegetables. However, in the quest to grow larger and higher-yielding produce, we may...

Perennial Vegetables That Keep on Giving

While perennial flowers have been popular for many years, little attention has been paid to perennial vegetables. Most gardeners think of vegetables as annual crops. In his new book, Perennial...

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In the Garden


Herb Harvest

Growing herbs for culinary and medicinal purposes has been done for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Native people used herbs to heal illness and cure wounds. Great chefs know that fresh herbs enhance the flavor of food. That's all well and good,...
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Fruit Cookbook The Autumn at Filoli Festival on October 6th marked the release of the third cookbook in the...

Tool or Gardening Product

World's Kindest Nail Brush All gardeners have dirty fingernails at one time or another, even if we wear gloves. Old...
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Regional Reminders

  • Pull and Plant
  • Plant Nasturtium and Cineraria
  • Plant Bougainvillea Carefully
  • Mulch Perennials
  • Remove Ivy from Trees

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