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August, 2007
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Cloudy Apple Juice More Nutritious

National News

Next time you reach for a bottle of apple juice on the grocery shelves, look for the variety with a cloudy mixture. According to researchers at the Agricultural University of Wroclaw, Poland,...

Unusual Torch Lily

The red hot poker or torch lily ( Kniphofia ) is a South African native perennial known for its dramatic midsummer-blooming, 5-foot-tall yellow or red flower spikes that emerge from the evergreen...

Renewable Peat Moss Substitute

Peat moss is one of the most widely used soil amendments in home gardens. Although peat moss is still abundant in Canada where the bulk of it is produced, there have been concerns about the...

Handy Tool for Cleaning Mowers

One way of extending the life of your lawn mower deck is to clean out the dead grass that accumulates underneath after each mowing. Using a screwdriver or putty knife to clean out the grass can...

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In the Garden


Lilies Add Drama to a Summer Garden

The other day I had a garden revelation. I realized I needed more lilies in my life. Not canna lilies, daylilies, calla lilies, magic lilies, or torch lilies, but true, stately lilies. True lilies are members of the genus Lilium and are known for their...
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Web Finds

BugGuide BugGuide is a great bug reference site where naturalists spend time cataloging and identifying...

Favorite or New Plant

Striped Mallow One of my favorite flowering plants for a mixed border is striped mallow ( Malva sylvestris...
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Regional Reminders

  • Plant Fall Vegetables
  • Avoid Sunburn
  • Stake Tall Plants
  • Take Cuttings of Annuals
  • Eradicate Weeds

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