September, 2007
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Organic Tomatoes Rich in Antioxidants

National News

People choose organically grown produce over conventionally grown produce for a variety of reasons, such as minimizing pesticide exposure and preference for the taste. New research supports the...

Unusual Double-Flowered Tiger Lily

Tiger lilies ( Lilium lancifolium ) are easy-to-grow, 4- to 6-foot-tall, hardy bulbs that typically produce downward-facing flowers in midsummer. While most have single flowers, an old, unusual...

Floating Planter for Ponds

Barley straw has been shown to emit a chemical that’s effective in controlling algae in water gardens and ponds. There are many purely functional barley straw products on the market, but a new...

Make Your Own Garden Cart

Many gardeners fondly remember, and may still own, the original Model 26 Garden Way garden cart. This revolutionary cart made hauling soil, mulch, and other materials much easier than using a...

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In the Garden


Winging It, Day and Night

Every couple of months I open the cottage door to find a house wren or chickadee flitting in the living room. They must come down the chimney through the wood stove flue. Each bird tries in vain to escape through windows that are painted shut. When I...
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Web Finds

Cultural Landscape Foundation The Cultural Landscape Foundation beautifully introduces us to the importance and irreplaceable...

Shows & Events

Floral Tour to Ecuador This tour, Ecuador's Flowering Plants -- Blooming Beauty Beyond Belief, is an insider's look at...
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Regional Reminders

  • Flavor Oils and Vinegars with Herbs and Edible Flowers
  • Freeze Extra Fresh Fruit
  • Cull Pumpkins and Winter Squash
  • Don't Prune Green Branches Now
  • Seed or Sod Your Lawn

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