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August, 2007
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New Edible, Ornamental Salmonberry

National News

Salmonberry is a common, native woodland shrub that grows in part shade in many areas of the country. Now it's available with striking golden foliage that contrasts beautifully with its bright...

The Lowdown on Organic Sprays

Organic pest controls are very popular with vegetable gardeners trying to avoid excessive pest damage and also have less impact on the environment. However, detailed information about the organic...

Home Gardens Essential for Bumblebees

Pollinating insects have been in the news lately because of their declining numbers and the impact this may have on many food crops. The good news is that it appears that wide-open spaces and...

High Lead Levels Found in Garden Hoses

A common summer scene involves kids squirting each other with the garden hose. Invariably, on a hot summer day some of the kids will take a drink from the hose. We’ve all done it, whether as kids...

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In the Garden


Zinnias and Marigolds, Oh, My!

A friend calls them "those 50s flowers," but zinnias and marigolds, as well as a number of other old-fashioned annuals are really quite remarkable for their bright, cheerful colors that are produced nonstop until frost. Whether used to spruce up a...
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Cooking Vegetables Looking for ways to use all that extra zucchini? How about Dark Chocolate-Zucchini Bundt Cake?...

Favorite or New Plant

Home Run Rose Although shrub roses have been around for years, 'Knock Out' raised the public awareness of this...
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Regional Reminders

  • Keep Pest Controls Handy
  • Pay Attention to Houseplants and Container Plantings
  • Add Herbs
  • Dry Hydrangea Flowers
  • Divide Daylilies

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